ACC Frequently Asked Questions


Application and Application Process

What do I need to submit an ACC application for?

You need to submit an ACC application any time an improvement shall be erected, placed, maintained, or altered on your home. Improvement means and refers to any dwelling, outbuilding, shed, garage, fence, wall, pad, driveway, walkway, parking area, curb, clotheslines, berm, deck, patio or other structure or improvement of any kind, such as significant landscaping modifications.

The application says that I need to submit it 30 days before my project date. What if I need approval sooner?

When you submit your application, please make it known that your request is shorter than 30 days in advance. We will try to work with you to get approval before the project date, but please be responsive to any follow up questions that we may have. Also, please realize that your desire for your project to start before 30 days does not override the allowed 45 day period as specified in the covenants that the ACC has to approve or deny requests (as described in section 3.02.2 Approval of Plans in the covenants).  

How long does approval usually take?

Section 3.02.2 Approval of Plans in the covenants allows the ACC 45 days to approve or deny requests. However, actual response times will vary based on time of year and number of requests received. Your time to approval depends greatly on the amount of detail you include with your application. An application with adequate explanation and clear details will be approved much faster than vague applications that require a lot of follow up and generate additional questions. Average time to approval is currently between 1 to 2 weeks.

Do I need to get a permit from the town of Firestone before doing any work?

Homeowners are responsible for obtaining the proper permits through the town of Firestone.  

What is the best way to contact the ACC?

Like the rest of the Oak Meadows HOA, the ACC is volunteer based so duties are preformed between work and family schedules. Email is usually the best and fastest way to reach the ACC. The email address is [email protected]. If you do not receive a response, feel free to contact the entire board at [email protected].


House Colors

What colors can I paint my house?

The covenants currently do not specify the colors that homeowners are allowed to use. Instead, the process is that you pick your own colors, fill out an ACC application, and we will approve or deny the colors you've chosen.

In regards to what colors will be approved, the ACC will take many factors into consideration. This includes how well the color scheme fits into the neighborhood while at the same time understanding that home color trends change over time so that our neighborhood does not look dated. We also look at the color of the homes in the immediate area around the home and how the color scheme will be applied to the home.

When submitting an application to paint your home, please include the following:

  • The exact paint colors and brand that you will be using. Please include a photo of the paint samples and any other helpful photos, like a sample home with the same color scheme.
  • Specify what colors are to be used as the main color, on the trim, and any accents. Please also define what you are considering an accent. Typically the garage is considered the main color so please specify if you are requesting something else.
  • If you are painting your home the same colors as the existing, please still include the paint colors.



I am landscaping my yard, what information do I need to submit to the ACC?

Please include a map/diagram of your yard with your application and make it clear what is existing and what is being added or changed. Also, please submit information about the following:

  • What specific plants and trees are going to be planted?
  • What ground cover is going to be used (grass, rocks, mulch, etc.) and what color will it be? If you are adding ground cover to existing ground cover, will it be the same?

Do I have to have grass in my yard?

No, you are not required to have grass in your yard. The ACC will approve various types of xeriscaping. Since there are all kinds of ways to xeriscape your yard, you will need to submit detailed plans to the ACC for approval.

Can I install synthetic grass?

Synthetic grass is not consistent with the neighborhood and will not be approved by the ACC at this time.

Am I allowed to install a patio in my backyard?

Yes. Please submit detailed plans with your application including the location of the patio and what materials will be used.

How tall can my fence be?

Fences cannot exceed 5 feet tall.

Do I have to stain my fence?

The covenants do not contain language that requires you to stain your fence. However, we highly recommend that you protect your fence in some way to keep it looking nice. Homeowners that let their fences start to look worn and weathered will receive violations from the Covenant Compliance Committee.

What color can I stain my fence?

The covenants currently do not specify the colors that homeowners are allowed to use on their fence. Instead, the process is that you pick your own color, fill out an ACC application, and we will approve or deny the color you've chosen. The ACC will normally approve colors that are more of a natural wood tone and will typically not allow colors like greys and reds.

Can I paint my fence?

Painting a fence is not consistent with the neighborhood and will not be approved by the ACC at this time.

Can I install a vinyl fence?

Vinyl fencing is not consistent with the neighborhood and will not be approved by the ACC at this time.

I live on a reverse corner lot, can I have a regular 5 foot fence?

The covenants do not have language regarding reverse corner lots and therefore do not enforce this rule in the application process. The rules around fences and reverse corner lots are defined and enforced by the town of Firestone so you are responsible for being compliant with the town.



Am I allowed to put a shed in my yard?

Yes, but they must be constructed no closer than seven (7) feet from any property line. Please refer to section 2.04 Outbuildings in the covenants for more details.

What materials does my shed need to be made of?

Sheds shall be constructed of wood or materials with a wooden appearance and roof materials shall match those used on the home.

Are there limitations on the size of the shed?

Yes, floor dimensions shall not exceed 100 square feet and height shall not exceed 8 feet as measured perpendicularly from the surface of the interior floor to the highest point of the interior roof surface, not including vents, decorative cupolas, or ornamentation.

Does my shed need to be the same color as my house?

Yes, the exterior paint color shall match the colors used on the home.


Driveway/Walkway Extensions

Am I allowed to add a driveway extension?

Some homes, depending on their current driveway and garage, are allowed to add a concrete extension to one side of a driveway for parking a vehicle. Please refer to section 2.21.1 - Driveway Extensions of the covenants to review the details. Even if you meet the requirements, you must submit an ACC application for approval.

What kind of walkway extension can I add to my driveway?

Owners may request ACC approval to add a two foot (2') walkway on either side of their driveway. This extension may be used only for walking and not for parking. When submitting your application, please include details on color, material, appearance of the requested walkway extension.

Can I add both a driveway extension and a walkway extension?

This depends, but will not likely be approved if all concrete. Please inquiry with the ACC for further discussion.